Why you should Visit First City Motors Rochester NH

If you live in New Hampshire, you might have heard of First City Motors, it is a low payment used car deals in a variety of pre-owned cars, trucks and SUVs. With shops in Rochester and NH, this dealership has for years now been offering what other dealerships do not offer. The following are reasons why you should consider visiting first city motors sale NH:

A variety of vehicles in stock

1st city motors Rochester, boosts of a wide variety of vehicles in stock. In fact, you will always find over 100 vehicles in stock including; SUVs, trucks and cars. This means that you have a plenty of vehicles to choose from. If you are looking a truck, you will find several to choose from.

Pocket friendly prices

All the vehicles on offer are pocket friendly. You do not have to break the bank to buy a car of your choice. It is because of the pocket friendly prices that most people in New Hampshire opt for 1st City car auto sales dealership, instead of other dealerships.

Guaranteed financing

Auto finance is one of the biggest challenges most people who wish to own vehicles face. Fortunately, First city motors Rochester NH offer cars on finance. Their auto loans come with the lowest interest rates. With expert advice on how to finance your car loan, you can actually go to one of the dealerships and drive away in your pre-used car.

Longer standard warranties

All the vehicles sold by this used car dealership come with longer standard warranties. This is aimed at ensuring that all their customers get value for their money and that they are satisfied with their purchase. Not all auto dealerships in New Hampshire offer standard warranties on their vehicles especially used cars and tracks. This is a clear indication that First City motors NH know their trade and have your interest at heart.

Non-commissioned staff

To ensure that all their staff members are committed to delivering quality services, all of them are non-commissioned. They receive salaries but not commissions. Most auto dealerships have their sales people on commission and this makes the sales people focus on making money instead of serving the needs and demands of customers.

Monthly promotions

If you though used car dealerships in Rochester do not offer promotions to their customers, you should think again. 1st City auto used car dealership offers monthly promotions to encourage people to own quality used cars.

Therefore, if you want to buy a quality used car including a 2009 BMW 328i convertible, consider visiting First City Motors New Hampshire and make an informed choice.